New version 2.20 released - Accelerator for WordPress


Getting fresh content parts allows to set particular areas of pages to be always fresh (got from server). Also, a cache small timeout can be specified to don’t overload server. E.g. it can be helpful for online stores to show always actual products with prices. Or always actual comments list on blogs. It can be enabled here.

Also, since this version an alternative redirection to WEBP and AVIF is available in case when redirection via server can’t be set. It can be enabled here.

And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes

New features

  • Getting fresh content parts.


  • Alternative redirection to WEBP and AVIF.
  • Reinitializing all configuration files while version upgrading.
  • Support for 'If-Modified-Since' request header.


  • Unavailable content in 'Safari' browser on some sites when go from an external link.

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