New version 2.9 released - Accelerator for WordPress


Now custom URLs can be added while cache updating. Also, they can be added via special expressions that allow e.g. update only pages of specified post type with vary arguments. And now you can set custom sitemap URL as well.

And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes

New features

  • Option to add custom URLs while all updating.
  • Revalidation setting at separated block.
  • Updating cache of URL with parameters.


  • Excluded URLs are not put into the optimization queue.


  • 'Hide My WP' is not applied whet temporary cache is used.
  • Cache is not updating while 'WP All Import' processing by scheduler.
  • Images inlining processes zero length files.
  • The same view name if updating with several defined views.

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